We form the head, heart, and hands of urban peacemakers to create a city of peace for all people.

Tacoma is filled with creative, compassionate, and resourceful leaders who are loving the city and her most vulnerable into greatness. What our city needs is more urban peacemakers who are equipped to build a shared humanity that can bridge differences so that everyone belongs.

The center functions like an urban monastery without walls. We induct leaders into a way of seeing, doing, and being as modeled by Jesus, freeing us to love our city and seek its peace.

The Center serves leaders who are called to gather and equip activists, artists, professionals, and lay leaders from all walks of life who are committed to creating a city of peace for all people. The center complements the formational work of local churches, nonprofits and other training organizations in the city.

Current Programs

Preaching Peace Table | Read the Case Study
Urban Lecture Series
Vision Trips


Tacoma Advent Devotional – Born from Below

Tacoma Lenten Devotional – The Human Becoming